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Cindy Billingsley Sculptor and Painter
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 The Secret to my success as a Ceramic Sculptor and Wildlife Painter is to be able to capture that essence of life within the clay, in both figurative and animals.  My sculpture work is about having heart and bringing awareness to issues we all have to deal with in life.  It is about  capturing the beautiful gestural movements of a Koala or a Tiger or the beautiful shape of the human figure in clay.  This is what my sculptures and paintings are all about.  I work on different series of sculptures  and paintings throughout the year.
I do commission work for both commercial and residential clients. Do you have an idea or want your favorite animal or figure sculpted or painted, then contact me for a quote, because I love the challenge of sculpting or painting something I have never done before.  And sometimes clients come up with really fun and intriguing ideas
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