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Cindy Billingsley Sculptor and Painter
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Cindy Billingsley Sculptures and Painting Gallery
Here are some examples of my work.  My Art runs in series, each series being a whole body of work like "Surreal Figures sculptures", "Foals and Mothers" paintings and sculptures, "Endangered Animals"paintings and sculptures, "Honey Bees" paintings, etc... Recently working on a new "Painted Foals with their Mothers" series and "Honey Bees and Birds"series-  Also doing some Local Paintings of Franklin TN.  Prints available for Honey Bees, Birds, Franklin TN series, and some Wildlife ones.  
   2021- I am busy doing three life size Bronze Public Art Commissions.  I also have pieces in several shows- check News page for show details.  I just about sold out of most of my surreal ceramic sculptures series I have a few pieces left like French Bulldog boy, Red panda boy, and Lion Dreadlocks. I will be adding new sculptures to this series next year.
Please contact me with your specific requests, and I will prepare a free estimate.  For either a sculpture, a painting or a mural
Or for more information, call us at:  (615) 423-4532

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